Scott A. Levine Certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a Family Mediator.

On September 1, 2017, the Florida Supreme Court Certified Scott A. Levine, Esq. as a Family Mediator. Scott A. Levine is happy to assist you as a Family Mediator in resolving your case. Flexible rates for mediation services are available. In addition, Scott A. Levine is happy to serve as your Family Mediator during pre-suit negotiations. Parties who are open with each other about their respective finances, and who are willing to be reasonable,  may greatly benefit from pre-suit (before a case is filed) mediation. Pre-suit mediation can be a cost effective alternative to traditional divorce litigation where both parties are represented by attorneys. For more information regarding mediation and pre-suit mediation, call us at (954) 587-2244 or email us at [email protected] Scott A. Levine looks forward to serving as your Family Mediator.

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