Divorce Process

Unfortunately family life is never consistent. It is filled with ups and downs; trials and tribulations that either build up or break own a family. Looking forward to happy things such as a marriage or the adoption of a new child can help renew a family. This can also be looked at in the opposite view by maybe being effected by a loss or too many failures that can result in a divorce. When your family is going through a difficult time it is benefited to contact a family law lawyer to guide you in the best direction to preserve your families foundation. Although easier said than done, it is important to reach out and use these resources since you will be undergoing a long period of high stress and emotion. The decisions you make during this period could be life impacting for you and the rest of your family. For this exact reason, a family law lawyer can be the mediator and realizations behind the chaos to help make the best decisions for your situation. These decisions will be based off fact and logic not emotion and anger.

If a divorce is necessary there are different steps that need to follow. If a divorce happens where the parties have been married for a short period of time, have no children, and little property or debts should be less than a divorce in comparison to a divorce between a couple that has been married for a long period of time, minor children are involved, and where there are many properties and debt to divide. Some situations can get even more complicated if one person is blind-sided by the divorce. This is why it is important to communicate with your spouse to unsure this is the best possible option and discuss what is yet to come for the next few months.

The first thing that needs to be done is filling a petition. This is when one party will ask the court for a divorce order. The next thing is requesting temporary orders if one spouse depends on the other for financial support or have custody of the children. Next the party who files for the divorce needs to file proof of service of process. The party who receives service of process will need to fill a response to the petition. If the parties don’t agree then the court will schedule a settlement conference for negotiation of assets. The trial will proceed if necessary for the judge to separate assets. Finally the order of dissolution ends the marriage.

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