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Children are often the ones most deeply affected by a divorce. Every child deserves to be raised and nurtured in a safe, loving environment. Do you and your ex-spouse disagree on the best parenting solution? Speak with a child custody attorney at Scott A. Levine, P.A. We can help you look objectively at the situation and make sure your focus is on the best interests of every child involved.

Our family law firm has served clients for nearly two decades in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Your child custody attorney can resolve difficult issues like parental relocation, visitation rights and modifications. We're based in Fort Lauderdale, FL but also servicing clients throughout the entire South Florida area.

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What influences child support?

What influences child support?

Make sure your child has the financial support they need to grow up happy and healthy. An experienced family law attorney will fight for your child's best interests at court hearings, mediation, or trial/final hearing. In the state of Florida, some common factors that might influence a child support agreement include:

  • Income
  • Custody arrangements
  • Childcare expenses
  • Visitation rights
  • Health care expenses
Your divorce doesn't have to impact your child's well-being. Let a child support attorney at Scott A. Levine, P.A. help you and your former spouse find a fair solution.