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Divorce Attorney

Ending a marriage is never easy. In addition to heightened emotions, you and your partner have to address the difficult issues of property and asset/debt division, child custody and visitation, child support, and alimony. While nothing can minimize the hardships caused by this difficult life-changing event, but having the right lawyer by your side can make the process smoother and a lot less stressful.

As founding attorney of The Law Office of Scott A. Levine, P.A., I have extensive experience representing clients facing divorce and family law matters. I take a dualistic approach to family law cases: I provide high-caliber legal representation combined with compassionate and responsive service. So while I am working diligently to protect your rights, I also take the time to listen to your concerns and answer your questions.

Honest, Practical Advice and Accessible

Some people seek out an attorney who will tell them exactly what they want to hear, and some lawyers use the same approach in every case without taking the time to truly understand the needs of the client and the likelihood of a desired outcome. I am not that kind of lawyer. I always provide honest, appropriate, and practical advice to all of my clients. It is better to hear the truth about your situation and potential outcomes, than to be blindsided with bad news down the road. “Accessible” means that I will return your phone calls and reply to your e-mails in a timely manner.

Divorce Attorney

Issues in divorce can be complex and confusing. You may be unsure about what your rights are and how to protect them. Backed by 17 years of experience, I help clients understand divorce laws and advise them on the best options for their specific legal situation.

” Scott A. Levine, Esq. is dedicated to his clients, he treats his clients with compassion, and he diligently pursues his clients’ cases. Scott Levine understands the pain and difficulty associated with a family law case, and he is there to help you.”