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I will help you get the proper amount of alimony you deserve and are entitled too!

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Child Support

Child Support is for the benefit of your children, therefore, it is not optional. We will make sure that your children get the proper support they deserve.

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We will help guide you through this process which can be difficult and emotionally taxing. We will do so with compassionate and thoughtful representation doing our very best to see that you receive a fair, just, and proper result.

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Scott Levine is here to help

Addressing the Needs of Family Law Clients

Family law issues can be complex and hard to understand. I will personally take the time to learn about the issues in your case. We will discuss all aspects of your case, and I will present you with your options as well as the potential outcomes. Together, we will decide the best way to proceed. As your lawyer, I am always available to answer new questions that come up during your case, and I will regularly provide you with updates regarding the status of your case .

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